Shenzhen Friendever Technology Co., Ltd.

1) Why we need to do our own brand?


First, you may see more and more chinese retailers are in ebay or amazon or other on line market in many countries, they sell cheap and can delivery to your local door. why? do you think they share the pizza of yours?

Second, do you have experience that when you bought from such on line retailers, after waiting more days, finally arrived, but once you open the package, it is much different than your expecting, Or after using a while, the poor quality caused broken, you just want to throw them away?

Third, do you feel the consumers is more and more difficult to meet? even a manual?


Yes! today is like this, tomorrow is even worse, the day after tomorrow, maybe sunshine! because almost are out before the sun raise.

We need to change our business way!


After we do our own brand, it is not only national sellers, but also national brand, the competitor's cheaper products or "price war" business are died cycle. more and more consumers who had bad experience, will realize and try to find a better seller or branded products with better after-selling service, then WE CAN MEET!

After they use our branded products, they think it is much more better even spend little more 
money, they will introduce to friends, and then spread, it is long-term business cycle!


2) How can we control the high quality?
First, materials, we insist making PCBA by ourselves, if spend us$0.5/pc more in a PCBA, the quality class will rise a level. Because one same chip has many many different manufacture, the price are different, surely the quality are different. Since the price compete, almost are using the cheaper chips once other manufacture has, or they found some chips can be reduced, then reduced. So the quality become more and more poor! However the price different in chips are not too much, Why they change? because for most products, the profit is less than us$0.5/pc, , if change or reduce, it means their profit can rise 100%.

Second, QC. we have 3 times QC process: One,PCBA testing. Two, recycle aging testing after assemble. Three, final testing after finish. Recycle aging testing waste much of time, many competitors don't do this process, but it can control the problem which happened after using.


3) Is it expensive if we do our own brand?
As the question 2, the materials cost is not high too much! the other cost is customerizing the 
logo on the products, manual and packing box. They is too much but worth!


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